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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
13 February 2010 @ 01:36 pm
Have you ever had a crush on another LiveJournal user? If so, did you confess your feelings? What happened?

I got married to him (thornae) - Almost exactly two years ago. :D

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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
19 April 2009 @ 12:19 pm
So, there's this Facebook movie meme which went around AGES ago. It grabs a list of a whole heap of films and tells you that you're a loser if you've watched more than 85 of them. Most people I know have, but I think this says more about their age than anything. There are only a small amount of movies on the list that really show if someone has gone nuts and watched the whole series or all the movies by a certain person. The rest is just covering so many different genres that if you really have seen them all, you're either interested in way more than the norm or plain bored.

Anyway, me being me, I didn't want to mark x next to the films I've seen. I also wanted to post memeyness in LJ because that's what I do (It'll make its way to Facebook via rss magic).

I went and made a 'Facebook Movie Meme' list in Flixter which easily show the movies I've seen (and any I see after today). Also, it means my Flixter friends can play with it too. I'd show you the widget but LJ doesn't like them (and besides, it fills in "average" ratings if I haven't rated/watched it yet. That could accidentally lie to you about my taste).

So, uh, enjoy. It's long. :)

And here's the text version of the memeCollapse )
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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
21 January 2008 @ 08:52 pm
It's the Bruce/Schrodinger code:

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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
09 January 2008 @ 07:25 am
Stolen from bondchick_nett

The Meme InstructionsCollapse )

Gory details of my resultsCollapse )

I'm no designer (You can tell?). I only decided to do this because I got such a cool quote for my album name. :)
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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
06 December 2007 @ 05:41 pm
Aargh. I hate it when international media makes everyone in Australia look like a bunch of wankers. Okay, so they may be right and all.

How ridiculous! The Daily Telegraph did a very limited poll - and by the looks of it they did it in the mall by asking the dumbest people they could find. And I really wonder about the survey anyway. If someone asks "What is the *insert anything* protocol?" you could be pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with cars or food, yeah? But since they were asking "What is Kyoto?" I really hope a few people mentioned it was a place in Japan.

But then again, maybe it's got a valid point. If ANYONE answered incorrectly they must have been living under a rock.

Either way, we have dumb statistics showing Australians to be dumb and now the dumb UK sensationalist papers have picked up on it. Dumb newspapers.

On another note, one lovely friend of mine pointed out something very interesting: Two months ago we would never have thought Australia would send a female, Asian, lesbian minister to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. My how things have changed :)
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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
02 December 2007 @ 10:37 pm
I just got all excited to hear that finally someone had proven that most modern art is just a little too abstract to show true vision and talent. Prove it for yourself by submitting your kid's artwork to an art exhibition. Okay, so the trick is to them an expensive canvas and some fantastic paint and let them at it. However, I'm actually really impressed with the photography used in the article.

Anyway, I mentioned it to Bruce and he thought it was this movie. Meh, so it's been done before. Maybe the point will get through this time.

It reminds me of the Martin Pearson track about the fact that there are 6 paintings in the National Art Gallery that are simply black paint on black canvas. And I recall seeing a broken bike wheel hanging from the ceiling there too. Now, next time I'm short of cash I really should remember to see if I can sell my old bike parts as art.

Art Shmart Bike Part. Ha.

(I guess I'm a modern poet now - NOT!)

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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
06 September 2007 @ 12:31 am
Not quite sure what possessed me to say I would go to the show today, but I've said it now so I hope it's fun!

Also, lots of choir concerts coming up - all detailed here if you want to come. Most of them are free.

Hope everyone's enjoying the warm weather and having a ball. I'm thinking it might nearly be time to have a BBQ.. when things get a little less crazy! It'll be easier to fit everyone now that we've knocked the fence down between Damien's house and ours.

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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
20 July 2007 @ 07:22 am
I've got heaps to say about IV.. so much so that I bet I'll never get around to it.

So, rather than leave you all wondering what IV was like.. I'll post a link to a post by one of the fantasmic freshers, Katherine. It pretty much sums up why we all keep going back to IV.

By the way, post-BIV-chorister-internet land seems to be on Facebook. I think all the freshers and choristers under 30 from IV are there, plus some of the more technically minded old farts are too. SIV is going to get all those freshers back, ready to party, in a big way. In short, facebook is doing great things for IV. Yay!

I'm collecting some of the pics going around in my own BIV Flickr collection, since we didn't have a camera there.

I promise to get out my ORGASM (that be the FIBS) and give everyone a day by day rundown of IV.. Soon. And I'll leave you with a picture of us..

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Angela Alcorn (Née Randall)
16 July 2007 @ 04:02 pm
Bruce and I are back home from BIV and full of *splat*. At some point soon we may get a grip on what normal life is like again and come out to play with people again... Maybe even update LJ with some sort of run down on the excitement that was BIV. You never know. :P

I've sort of vaguely checked my friends list but I'm sure I've missed stuff. If anything really exciting happened in the last two weeks then can you mention it again?? Hope everyone's well!
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